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The people of oromo have many beautiful folklore which has been passed down orally from generation to generation and reflects the traditions and morals of the people.

Folklores are traditional stories, music, art, and customs that have been passed from generation to generation. They are an important part of a culture’s identity and provide insight into its beliefs and values. Folklores often revolve around supernatural events and can be used to explain natural phenomena. They often contain a moral or teach a lesson, and reflect the history and culture of a region. Folklores are typically transmitted orally and are passed down from one generation to the next, but can be written down or even performed in plays and musicals.

We are going to pass on this beautiful culture to the next generation by providing you with educational and entertaining folklore such as old stories (durdurii), riddles, proverbs, sayings, proverbs, sookoo and soorgoo, geerarsa, children's games and things that reflect the culture of the Oromo people. We wish you a good read and enjoyment.


Help us in collecting, organizing and presenting the folklores of this great community.

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Types of Oromo Folklores /Gosoota Afoola Oromoo/

Oduu Durii - Oromo Folktales

Oduu Durii - Folktales

Oduu durii (Folktales) are one of the most popular and instructive folklore well known in the Oromo cummunity

Mammaaksa - Oromo Proverb

Mammaaksa - Proverbs

It is very common that the Oromo people use Mammaaksaa (Proverbs) to tell something mystrey or...

Hiibboo - Oromo Riddles

Hiibboo - Riddles

Hiibboo (Riddles) are a very common and popular game, especially among the children, in the Oromo culture.



Using Geerarsa, the Oromo people express its love, desire, passion, hate, respect and other feelings.

                            Tapha Ijoollee

Tapha Ijoollee - Childhood Games

There are so many games we grew up playing as kids, and many of them unique to the oromo people.

Ciigoo - Oromo Idioms

Ciigoo - Idioms

Ciigoon (Idioms) are mystrey games which have terms called sookoo and soorgoo.



Sheekkoo yookin Fables karaa falaasamoonni addaa addaa ittiin ibsamani dha.

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Afoolota Oromoo garaa garaa kanneen akka oduu durii (durdurii), hiibboo, mammaaksa, jechama, ciigoo, sookoo fi soorgoo, geerarsa, tapha ijoollee fi wantoota aadaa uummata Oromoo calaqqisiisan isinii dhiyeessina.

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