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Welcome to Afoola.com, a website dedicated to the collection and presentation of Oromo folklore. Afoola means "folklore" in the Oromo language, and our website is dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Oromo people.

At Afoola.com, we believe that folklore is an important aspect of any culture. It reflects the beliefs, traditions, and values of a community, and helps to pass these down from one generation to the next. Our website serves as a platform to share the rich and diverse Oromo folklore with the wider world.

We have collected a vast array of Oromo folklore, including myths, legends, fables, and proverbs. These stories have been passed down through generations, and we have worked hard to ensure that they are presented in their original form, with minimal editing or alteration. Our aim is to ensure that these stories are presented in a way that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, language or cultural background.

At Afoola.com, we understand the importance of accessibility, and we have made our folklores available in both PDF format and as online readable content. This means that our users can read and enjoy these stories wherever and whenever they like, whether they are at home, in the classroom, or on the go.

Our website is dedicated to promoting and preserving the culture of the Oromo people. We believe that folklore is an essential part of this culture, and we are committed to ensuring that these stories are accessible to as many people as possible. Whether you are an Oromo yourself or simply interested in learning about this rich and diverse culture, we invite you to explore our website and discover the fascinating world of Oromo folklore.

Please support our work. Contact us through phone 251-912778324 or via email contact@afoola.com

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Afoolota Oromoo garaa garaa kanneen akka oduu durii (durdurii), hiibboo, mammaaksa, jechama, ciigoo, sookoo fi soorgoo, geerarsa, tapha ijoollee fi wantoota aadaa uummata Oromoo calaqqisiisan isinii dhiyeessina.

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