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What is Ateetee - Ateeteen Maali?

Posted by Admin 2023-05-27 20:13:50

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Steeped in tradition and spirituality, the Oromo people of Ethiopia hold a deep reverence for their ancestors and the wisdom they impart. Among the rich tapestry of Oromo culture and customs, one significant ritual stands out: Ateetee. In this blog post, we explore the mystical world of Ateetee, delving into its origins, practices, and the profound spiritual connection it fosters with the past.

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About Oromo People - Waayee Uummata Oromoo

Posted by Admin 2023-05-27 19:32:57

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The Oromo people of Ethiopia, the largest ethnic group in the country, possess a rich cultural heritage that reflects their history, traditions, and contributions to Ethiopian society. Their language, Afaan Oromoo, plays a significant role in preserving their identity, while their vibrant music, dance, and clothing traditions showcase their cultural diversity. The Oromo people have a unique social and political system called the Gadaa system, emphasizing democracy, justice, and equality. Despite historical challenges, the Oromo community actively works towards promoting their rights, revitalizing their language, and advocating for social justice. Through their cultural expressions, the Oromo people aspire to foster inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities for all ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

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History of General Tadesse Birru - Seenaa Jeneraal Taaddasaa Birruu

Posted by Admin 2023-05-20 19:38:43

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Tadesse Birru (1920 - February 19, 1975) was an Ethiopian Empire army colonel and Oromo nationalist and rights activist. Tadesse was initially an advocate of Ethiopian unity but later, in the 1960s, he turned into a fighter for Oromo rights and equality. Hence, he tried to overthrow the government and later tried to overthrow the government by military means. He was captured and killed by the Derg government during this struggle. Tadesse is regarded as the father of Oromo nationalism.

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History of Jarra Abba Gadaa - Seenaa Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa

Posted by Admin 2023-05-20 10:26:14

| 187 Reads

Jarra Abba Gadaa, also known by his birth name Abdulkarim Ibrahim Hamid, is an Oromo rights activist and human rights activist. Jarrah spent his entire life fighting for the Oromo people.

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History of General Wako Gutu - Seenaa Jeneraal Waaqoo Guutuu

Posted by Admin 2023-05-20 08:17:10

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The heroic General Waqo Gutu was born to Gutu Usu Cammarri and his mother Dhuulloo Ali Hassan in 1924 in Oda area of Madda Walaabuu district. His father Guutuu had ten sons and nine daughters, a total of nineteen children. Among them, General Waqo had 49 children from seven women, of whom fifteen are not alive. As of 2015 he had sixteen females and eighteen males totaling thirty four children.

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