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About Mammaaksaa /Proverbs/

Proverbs are short, well-known sayings that offer advice or express a universal truth. They often contain typical wisdom, which can range from practical advice to moral lessons. Proverbs are usually passed down through generations and often carry cultural or religious significance. Proverbs often use figurative language and symbolism to convey their message. They are typically concise, and can be used to illustrate a point or to describe a situation. Proverbs are often accompanied by humorous stories or images to illustrate their meaning.

The Oromo are known to use proverbs to explain things. Proverbs are very common in the traditions and culture of the Oromo people and are used when they want to explain, criticize, praise and tell something.

Enjoy these largest collection of Oromo proverbs and we would like to have your feedback or to share us other proverbs you know with our community. You can download these best oromo proverbs or you can just read online here.


Afoolota Oromoo garaa garaa kanneen akka oduu durii (durdurii), hiibboo, mammaaksa, jechama, ciigoo, sookoo fi soorgoo, geerarsa, tapha ijoollee fi wantoota aadaa uummata Oromoo calaqqisiisan isinii dhiyeessina.

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