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About Hiibboo (Riddles)

Riddles are a form of puzzles that are generally composed of a question, a clue, and an answer. The questions can range from simple to complex and often require the use of logic and creative thinking to solve. The answer to a riddle is usually a pun, a humorous phrase, or an unexpected twist. Riddles are often used as a form of entertainment, but they can also help children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Additionally, they can serve as a way to spark conversations and build relationships between people.

Riddles are a very common and popular game among oromo people, especially children. We invite you to have fun learning and asking each other the proverbs below.

Question 1

As siqi; sittan himaa.

Question 2

As taa'ee, gamatti waraane.

Question 3

As taa'eet walitti qaba.

Question 4

Bixxillee aayyoo qubni hinuru.

Question 5

Bixxilleen aayyoo duubaafi fuuldura hinqabdu.

Question 6

Cuuphee si liqimse.

Question 7

Daandii qal'oo gaara gubbaa

Question 8

Deemee deemee hindadhabu.

Question 9

Du'ee dhibba dhale.

Question 10

Dukkanni gumbii guute.

Question 11

Duraa duubni ibidda.

Question 12

Duubaan si kore.

Question 13

Eeleen Waaqaa buute hincabdu.

Question 14

Faaya manatti hinsuuqamne

Question 15

Fardeen sadii yaabbateet, rigaa rigata.

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