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Folktales are traditional stories that have been passed down through generations, typically orally. They have all sorts of different versions depending on the cultural context or the region where it's being told, making it an intriguing subject of study. Generally speaking, these stories illustrate elements of human nature, providing insights and lessons for children yet are also enjoyed by adults. Folktales typically feature a cast of diverse characters, many of whom are anthropomorphic animals or other creatures of the natural world. They usually exemplify some moralistic lessons or reflect the societal customs of the time and culture.

Oduu Durii or durduri is one of the most popular and educational folklore of the Oromo people and its main goal is to pass on about the past generation in an entertaining and unforgettable way. We grew up with a lot of myths as children because we are more likely to retain what we were told as children.

We cordially invite you to the following old stories and we want you to share us your thoughts and memories.

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Namoota Sadanii fi Maatii tokko

Posted by Admin 2022-11-14 20:11:08


Guyyaa tokko manguddoonni sadii daandiirra osoo deemanii mana citaa bareedaa tokko arganii itti goran. Achi gahaniis, balbala rukutan. Dubartiin tokko balbala saaqxe. Manguddoonnis, “Maatiin keessan marti mana keessa jiruu?” jedhanii dubartittii gaafatan.

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